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Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
fun. >> author and reporter michael finney shows you where to find who shops here? >> people with special needs. a boss harassing you7oís at wo. those are the customers. you have people who love jazz. >> and in page 82, frederickson hardware and paint. >> we're ahih5w general store fr the neighborhood don't try to be anything more or less. >> if you own an older home, consider shopping here. now, on to berkeley. and recycler urban ore. >> the philosophy is save the earth. >> we get things in a chaotic way. our job is to clean them up, put a price tag on them and organize them, that is what trance forms trash into treasure. >> now, page 16 in concord. tart is a bay area based clothing company. >> prices are crazy low. they're usually 50% to 80%. >> tarte known for having something for everyone. >> we don't ship. people ask if i'll ship from texas, new jersey, new york. i just have to say no. you can only come if you're in concord, california. >> back to finney's finds. hotel furniture lick dateors which is what the owner does. >> we probably go through a good 15-20 he a year. >>
Dec 21, 2012 6:00pm PST
everything in herby?Ñ >>> later tonight, michael finney goes price matching. >> retailers don't do this, they're not going to be able to commute. >> how to find best deals on the last shopping weekend before christmas. >> and stay tuned we're going to give don sanchez a chance to say goodbye after a remarkable career here on abc 7. stay with us. kx;x$ú >>> a federal appeals court blocked the california law banning day conversion therapy, pugt the law on hold until it can hear arguments on the issue the law banning conversions be there aims to turn gay minors straight was to take affect january 1. counselors and two families say their teen-aged sons benefited from it sought the injunction after a lower court redees -- refuse aid request. >> news that 800 jobs in chevron headquarters are being moved to houston, texas. david louie is live tonight and sounds like officials there got very little warning. >> they didn't get very much warning. the mayor tells me that he got the bad news yesterday afternoon from chevron but apparently, the plan to moist jobs to texas had been underway for mont
Dec 24, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> carolyn: do you know the proper holiday tipping etiquette. michael finney breaks it down. >> dan: a look at virtual gift revolution. the apps we're relying on to get those last minute gifts in time. >> carolyn: the holiday says the time to show payer appreciation to the service providers that help throughout the year. >> dan: it can be tricky. michael finney explains the run down. >> they keep us looking good. mail carriers get us mail rain or shine. sanitation workers do one of dirtiest jobs around. holidays a good time to show your appreciation with a tip. cindy is founder of advanced etd the question. >> tipping is mostly optional in most instances, as a result it's something more personal. >> the survey of 1800 americans found bar bergs receive an average tip of $10. teachers get an average $20. so do mail carriers and newspaper carriers, pet care providers and sanitation workers gardeners do better a ap at $25 and housekeepers get an average tip of $50. >> you tip what you have extra to spare and to share. >> i tip if i feel people give me a friendly good service and treat m
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> could be $10 could be $1 million. >> something to think about. >> still ahead michael finney coming up next. >> yes. going to bat for an iphone user claiming his credit card company failed to deliver on a >>> you know a lot of credit card companies entice with reward points and cash back. >> however, rules can change. one man claims he lost out on benefits. >> so he came for help. michael is here with the story. >> yes. this guy bought two iphones expecting a reward. however, his credit card company says iphone 5 is no longer eligible forlzz4p reward. well, that isn't seem right to the consumer so i stepped in to help view a message so press one. >> sean cooper left his iphone 5 read message as loud. it plays music and takes pictures. >> last one two years. and so... you know... the new technology is always a draw. >> sean reorderered two iphones one for himself, one for his dad, but at $360, they weren't cheap. so sean decided to use his discover card to get a 5% bonus, and take a sting out of the price. >> they double checked the determines to4u% make sure that it was included. >>
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
change your tax strategy. advice coming up from michael finney. stay with us. we have a lot more to get to. >>> the health of former president george hw bush is a growing concern. the 88-year-old transfered to houston methodist hospital. he's been at the center ever since a lot of month because of a chronic cough. but he's been fighting a high fever for days. this morning he was put on a liquides only diet. >> no one puts new icu because things are going well we're hoping medicine was help him turn things around. >> barbara bush spent christmas by his side, former president george w bush expected to visit incoming days. >> retailers reeling tonight after holiday sales missed marks. they were expecting shoppers to spend 2% more than last year but turns out sales grew less than 1%. very disappointing. david with, a look the impact on the economy. >> there is no doubt that this is a real blow but kboitsing to impact people making goods retailers put on shelves. dispatting growth is likely tied to conservative gifting. >> i didn't get as many gifts but smaller gifts that meant more. >>
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5